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When I walked in many years ago, it felt like I'd come home. I call this community of people my family.


It's always been a welcoming community of believers.  I have felt encouraged, supported and loved over the 13 years I have been there.  Feels like family to me. 


We've been coming to Oasis Church as a family since the end of July 2018 after having to move churches as our old one had to close.  We all have felt immediately welcomed and felt this is where God wants us to be!


Oasis Church

Oasis Church is a family who enjoy life in response to knowing God loves us and desires relationship with us.  He loves you too and wants you to have a hope filled future. We have a weekly gathering that’s open to all where we enjoy being together, meeting new people and celebrating God’s presence with us.

Oasis Church was started in 1996 and after several locations in schools and at the Waterfront Place we moved to North Avenue Christian Centre in July 2018.

We are an independent church in relationship with Living Fire who are a diverse community of churches who share the same passion to know and experience God. 

We also have a passion for Essex and along with some other churches we have formed Transforming Essex who have a vision to see our county get its heavenly identity back and it’s reputation transformed. 

We meet most Sunday mornings from 10:30am at North Avenue Christian Centre. In addition we run children and youth work, community groups and prayer meetings. 

However, given the currently Covid 19 restrictions, we are excited to be live streaming our meetings on our YouTube channel. This enables many more people to be able to join with us each Sunday. If you wish to attend in person for one of our meetings we would love to see you. Please get in touch with us and we will get back to you with booking details. The calendar on our website gives details of other activities and events that we are running.

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